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2019 World Longboard Surfing Championship

The 2019 World Longboard Surfing Championship were held in Biarritz between May 26 and June 02.

Sweden were represented by Albin Nilsson (The latest Swedish Longboard champion) and Love Berggren (Winner of the latest Nordic Surf Games Longboard division).

The perfectly organised event were held at Côte des Basques - which is considered to be birthplace of modern European surfing. Starting of at not good conditions with smaller waves and onshore winds teh week ended at nearly perfect conditions for the Longboards.

The two Swedes surfed well but their competetors, being the very best longboarder of of all nations around the globe were an impossible challange.

Albin was eliminated after loosing round 1 and then loosing his repechage 1 heat.

Love finished second in his first heat and moved on to Round 2 were he lost and then ending up loosing in his Repechage heat 2.

The rest of the week was spent on free surfing, drinking coffe, yoga and more;

Making new friends ;

And finally of course watching the top surfers battle it out!

In the end it was the excellent surfing of Alice Lemoigne from France and the unreal hangten's by Benoit Clemente from Peru who won the gold medals

Official videos and photos are available at the the ISA web site

Thankyou Biarritz and ISA for this time !

/Thomas Berggren - Team manager

Pictures by Thomas Berggren, Albin Nilsson and ISA. All rights reserved.

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