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Local surf clubs

The Swedish Surfing Association (SSA) organizes local clubs.


A local surf club who wants to become a member of SSA will have to pay the club membership fee of 500 SEK to plusgiro 477 79 99 – 6. Remember to state the club name and contact person.

After payment the club need to send the latest annual member meeting minutes as well as number of members to SSA.


A local club must be an non-profit organization (Ideell organisation)
A local club must comply with the statues of SSA as well as those of ESF and ISA in applicable cases.


A local club is also responsible for paying the competition license to SSA for individual athletes who wants to take part in competitions and camps organized/sanctioned by SSA - a fee of 100 SEK for each individual.

Information sheet for clubs

Clubs organized by SSA

(Please note that this list do not prove whether or not if the club has an valid connection (ie payed yearly fee) to SSA. Please contact the local club directly for information.

Halmstad Vågsurfare

Salusand Soulsurfers    

Nynäshams surfklubb   

Gottskärs Vattensportklubb

SUP for Life Lomma

Malmö SUP-klubb

Stockholms Kajak Klubb

Mahi Mahi


Le Sörf Club



Other Surf clubs

Åsa Surfklubb

Falkenbergs Surfklubb

Skånes Vågsurfare

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Nynäs logo.JPG
Malmö SUP-klubb.jpg
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