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During 2022 and 2023 SSA and ThiS Group AB have agreed on a collaboration promoting their product SUREKA.

SUREKA is a range of sugar replacement solutions, based on natural, plant based components. As such it promotes a healthy lifestyle and is an important alternative for athletes with a focus on a balanced and healthy diet.


SUREKA and SSA now offers a 20% discount when buying SUREKA pralines.

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The below text is an information from SUREKA



The brand name SUREKA! stands for “Sugar Reduced Eureka with healthy ingredients!”

We want to give you an experience of “I found it, a new taste for life” –  like Archimedes’ Eureka!

We are passionated by the origin, content and taste for food products – from farm to mouth. And we pair traditional premium tastes with the latest science and technology.

The big challenge - Going beyond “sugar free”

Lifestyle diseases can only be solved by changes to culture and personal attitude. But, lack of integration between industries such as health, food and fashion leads to four major hinders for sustainable lifestyle change: 

  1. Cultural movements are seen as costs rather than as profitable businesses, everyone works individually

  2. Research on wellbeing has been based on public funding, rather than commercially driven

  3. The competitive nature of the industry hinders new alliances and innovation

  4. Lack of integration between industries, such as health, food, sport, and culture, leads to little or no sharing of information


This is why going “sugar-free” is not a longterm solution. We can add or retract sugar in our food, but for sustainable effect we need to change of lifestyle. And lifestyle change is not only a personal commitment but a cultural undertaking shared between producers and consumers with a taste for life.

Sureka’s Mission

We are facilitating a better taste of life for people and the planet:

  • For the ingredient producer: closer to market, more control over ingredient benefits

  • For the artisan: create more, sell more, earn more

  • For the consumer: more premium, more fun, more taste

The various components used in SUREKA solutions

The components of SUREKA sugar replacement solutions are all that occurring in the nature, and are consumed every day.

They are including plant-extracted sweeteners like stevia, licorice extract and monk fruit extract.

They contain sugar alcohols of maltitol and erythritol.

They also are composed of dietary fibers such as and inulin, resistant starch and polydextrose.

All these three categories that we have employed to develop SUREKA sugar replacement solutions line are plant-originated.

Steviol glycosides known as stevia is coming from stevia leaf. The licorice extract is extracted from licorice root. The monk fruit extract is obtained from monk fruit, which is native to southern China and northern Thailand. Polydextrose is obtained from starch naturally occurring in corn, cassava, potatoes, wheat and other starchy crops.
Inulin is extracted from chicory roots. Resistant starch is another fiber obtained from starch with application in our solutions. Sugar alcohols including erythritol and maltitol are all starch-based as well.

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