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Sports within the organisation

The Swedish Surfing Association (SSA) organises the following sports:

  • Shortboard surfing

  • Longboard surfing

  • Bodyboard surfing

  • SUP surfing

  • SUP racing

  • Parasurfing

  • Prone paddleboarding

Since 2020 the ISA (and thus The Swedish Surfing Association, SSA) formally organizes SUP at olympic level.

The aim of SSA is to support national championships as well as to organize a Swedish National Team.

Adaptive surfing

SSA intends to support Parasurfing and urge any member

or non-member who is interested to contact SSA for further

information and discussion.

Prone paddleboarding

Prone paddling is a very unknown as a sport in Sweden

however  SSA is prepared to support members who are

interested in this sport. Please contact SSA for further


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