Sports within the organisation

The Swedish Surfing Association (SSA) organises the following sports:

  • Shortboard surfing

  • Longboard surfing

  • Bodyboard surfing

  • SUP surfing

  • SUP racing

  • Parasurfing

  • Prone paddleboarding

Presently SUP sports are also organized within Sweden by the SUP committee while it formally at international level is a part of SSA. For further information of activities, events etc please visit SUP kommiteen

Adaptive surfing

SSA intends to support Parasurfing and urge any member

or non-member who is interested to contact SSA for further

information and discussion.

Prone paddleboarding

Prone paddling is a very unknown as a sport in Sweden

however  SSA is prepared to support members who are

interested in this sport. Please contact SSA for further


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