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Hi everyone, my name is Christian Ekander and am responsible for the national Swedish SUP team. For those who are not familiar with SUP, you can find more information here. We are proud to have Swedish SUP Athletes that have represented us in the ISA World Championships and we are currently putting together a new team for the road to the Olympics. The SUP Sport is evolving quickly and we are very excited about the future of Swedish SUP. Please get in contact with us if your keen on learning more. 

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Alla videoklipp

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SUP Racing:

There’s no doubt that stand up paddleboarding is a fantastic way to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and stay in shape. A few years ago, studies showed that SUP was the number one growing outdoor recreational activity for beginners and judging from the evolution of SUP construction and companies on the market, it’s continuing to rise.

People have different reasons for wanting to paddle board — whether it’s to get in shape, spend time with loved ones, experience nature and explore new places, or meet a community of fellow paddle boarders who are equally passionate about the sport.

Getting into SUP racing can help you get fit, meet new people, and improve your overall health. Paddle board racing is challenging and is a constant learning opportunity. Many people enter SUP races recreationally and athletes from other sports also like to paddle board because it feeds their competitive nature. No matter what is motivating you to get involved, I hope this beginner’s guide convinces you to dip a toe into the exciting world of SUP racing.







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SUP Surfing:


SUP surfing is a variation of traditional surfing. Instead of lying prone on the surf board and paddling with arms to get out to the surf zone, SUP surfing allows the participant to stand on the board from the shore and paddle out to the surf zone using a SUP paddle. The best way to move forward is to stand hip-width apart on the board with your knees slightly bent. The paddle should be held in the water perpendicular to the board so that you do not unintentionally steer while driving. Once in the surf zone, the rules for surfing still apply. At the SUP surfer's turn, you paddle and steer with the SUP paddle to catch a wave. 


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