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Individual Membership

NOTE As per 2022-01-22 it  is no longer possible to join SSA directly as an individual.

To become a member join a local club which is a member of SSA. If your local club is not yet a member please request them to join SSA.

When your local club request membership with SSA we will request members name and if you are under 18 also your date of birth.

An additional competition license is required for those individuals who want to compete; a yearly fee of 100 SEK. This shall be payed to SSA by the club for each member who request this.

Payments can be done to:

  Plusgiro: 477 79 99 - 6

  Swish: 123 41 908 80


You find the statues of the Swedish Surfing Association in the attached document. The statues has to be followed by everyone within the organization, therefore we kindly request all new members to read them through. 

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