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Swedish Championships Surf

Update: Men’s qualification fully booked - still possible to apply for the reserve list


The SSA is very proud to announce the Swedish Championships are ON. It all will start with a qualification event at Torö Stenstrand. The waiting period is from September 10th to October 2nd. The top 5-7 surfers in the men’s and women’s division will qualify for the Final in the Waco Texas wave pool.

The surfers who qualify will get their flights and accommodations paid for. Prize money will be 100.000 SEK, 50.000 to women, 50.000 to men. The qualification competition is limited to 16 men and 16 women so register quickly.

You must be a member of a local Swedish club associated to SSA. The starting fee is 200 SEK.

To enter, first send an email to You will get get a confirmation from SSA. Then, you pay the 200 SEK to PG 4777999-6 or Swish to 123 41 908 80. Make sure you state your full name and your surf club. Do it fast to secure your spot! If the fee is not paid within 48 hours of your confirmation, your spot will go to the next surfer on the waiting list.

Get your spot in the biggest Swedish surf event ever!

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