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SM Surf 2021, Torö

Uppdaterat: 3 okt. 2021

SM Junior 1) Frank Mårds, 2)Tage Johansson, 3) Malia Solh

SM woman 1) Deva Orviz @devaorviz, 2) Linn Birnbo @linnbirnbo, 3) Sanna Hörvalius @gypseatoes, 4) Emma Mortensen @emmabernstrom

SM Open 1. Reda Regragui, 2. Marcos Fernandez, 3. Arvid Lilljeforss, 4. Luis Parker


UPDATE: Second call for Saturday 2nd of October


Swedish Surf Championships 2021 will be held at Torö Stenstrand.

Waiting period starts Saturday October 2nd.

Classes; Open, Ladies, Junior (U18*)

(*Age as on Jan 1st 2021)

Sign up with an email to

Remember to write you name and which class you will participate in.

Please note that the number of participants are limited!

To participate you need to;

A. Have paid your mebership in SSA (100 SEK) (or to your local club - who in turn must have paid their fee to SSA)

B. Pay the competion licence fee (100 SEK) to SSA

C. Pay the starting fee for SM; 200 SEK

Preferebly you would pay A and B by Swish to 123 41 908 80 at least 2 days ahead of the competition.

The starting fee C can be payed just before the competition starts at the competition area.

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