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SM Surf 2021, Torö

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SM Junior 1) Frank Mårds, 2)Tage Johansson, 3) Malia Solh

SM woman 1) Deva Orviz @devaorviz, 2) Linn Birnbo @linnbirnbo, 3) Sanna Hörvalius @gypseatoes, 4) Emma Mortensen @emmabernstrom

SM Open 1. Reda Regragui, 2. Marcos Fernandez, 3. Arvid Lilljeforss, 4. Luis Parker

UPDATE: Second call for Saturday 2nd of October

Swedish Surf Championships 2021 will be held at Torö Stenstrand.

Waiting period starts Saturday October 2nd.

Classes; Open, Ladies, Junior (U18*)

(*Age as on Jan 1st 2021)

Sign up with an email to styrelsen@surfforbundet.se

Remember to write you name and which class you will participate in.

Please note that the number of participants are limited!

To participate you need to;

A. Have paid your mebership in SSA (100 SEK) (or to your local club - who in turn must have paid their fee to SSA)

B. Pay the competion licence fee (100 SEK) to SSA

C. Pay the starting fee for SM; 200 SEK

Preferebly you would pay A and B by Swish to 123 41 908 80 at least 2 days ahead of the competition.

The starting fee C can be payed just before the competition starts at the competition area.

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