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Sweden keeps it position at EUROSURF 2023

2023 European Surfing Championships were (again) held in Santa Cruz, Portugal.

Sweden participated with a full team consisting of 3 Men and 3 women in Surfing and 1 man and 1 Women in longboard.

As during 2019, Sweden managed to achieve a good result. With a total score of 3429 points Sweden ended at the 8th position out of 16 participating countries.

Please see detailed score on ESF results webpage

The team members were:

Surf Men: Christian Portelli, Greysson Grant, Oliver Clinton

Surf Ladies: Elin Tawharu, Emmy Wilen, Sanna Hörvallius

Longboard Men: Love Berggren

Longbord Ladies: Sofia Soori

Team Manager: Thomas Berggren

Assistant Team Manager: Kevin Grant

Team Sweden was supported by THiS GROUP and by Iroon Roots Natural Athletics Apparel

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